EU IUU Catch Certification

European Union Regulation 1005/2008 and 1010/2009 came into effect on 1 January 2010. They contain a range of anti-illegal fishing measures that apply to all wild caught fish entering the EU, that are caught from 1 January 2010.

EU IUU Regulations

The purpose of the regulation is to prevent illegal, unregulated and unreported fish from entering the EU. It applies to all wild caught fish and fish products. There are some products which are exempt from these regulations.

A full copy of the regulations can be downloaded at:

The European Commission have officially published the administrative arrangements they have made with various countries, including New Zealand. Download the latest updates of exemptions and the New Zealand Catch Certificate.

EU IUU Catch Certification Guide

New Zealand has an agreed alternative Catch Certificate. For further information on how to generate a Catch Certificate for product sourced from New Zealand flagged vessels or for product sourced from foreign flagged vessels, see the Catch Certification Guide.

Further Information

Further information can be found under the For Your Information section on the Food Safety website.  Here you will find relevant updates relating to a number of topics, including EU Catch Certification.