SSC Newsletters

The SSC Newsletters are regular newsletters that are emailed to interested parties to inform them of the latest happening in the world of seafood standards and legislation. You will also find copies of these available on the members only section.  If you would like to receive these newsletters direct, please contact us.

Seafood Code of Practice

The Seafood Standards Council in consultation with MAF (NZFSA) have developed the Code of Practice: Processing of Seafood Products.  This has been officially published by MAF (NZFSA) and is available on their website here


EU IUU Catch Certification

The European Union IUU regulation requires a 'Catch Certificate' for fish and fishery product caught from 1 January 2010, destined for the EU market.  Click here to find Catch Certification Guide and further information. 


EU Traceability and Labelling Guidelines



SSC Submissions

You can find copies of the Seafood Standards Council's submissions here


Resources, Guidelines & Other Information

The Seafood Standards Council assists the seafood industry by providing resources and guidelines across a range of topics.  Click here to find out more...