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Revised COVID-19 Guidelines for the seafood sector are now available.


Revised guidelines for the seafood industry at alert levels 2 & 3

In light of recent COVID-19 announcements, Seafood New Zealand has been working with officials to update the seafood industry guidelines to align with the latest MPI guidance and advice.

A specific guide for seafood processors operating at alert levels 2 & 3 has been developed, as well as updates to the guides for the rest of the industry. The main point of difference from previous guides is the change in advice around the use of facemasks.

These updated guides can be found here:

Please note, this is guidance only. You are still obliged to meet all legal requirements relating to COVID-19.

Overseas evidence suggests that processing environments can be a heightened risk for the transmission of COVID-19 and have been a source of outbreaks in some countries. This is primarily due to processing environments often having limited air flow, increased noise resulting in close talking and shouting and groups of people working in close proximity. Therefore, it is critical that we take all necessary precautions to keep our people and their families safe, and to prevent this from occurring in New Zealand.

For those operating at alert level 3, staff will need to be provided with information (such as a company letter) confirming who they are and the reason for travel. Staff that may be transporting product between regions operating under different alert levels can do so, but will also need to carry this information.

The importance of contact tracing has become evident over the past few days. We suggest you remind staff about the importance of keeping a record or using the COVID-19 Tracer App to track their movements at times when they are not at work.

The situation is evolving and we will continue to bring you information as it comes to hand. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact Cathy Webb or the SNZ team if you have further questions: